My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 8

The week has gone by in a blur. Here's the recap: 1. Prep for 2nd Therapy Appointment I had a bit of homework from my first session to complete which included a journal and a collage. The journal was easy to keep up with but the collage was left to the morning before as it… Continue reading My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 8

Journal Jottings

Pizza and Plaits

So a lot has been going on and wifi has been very scarce. Here is another weekly update! Friday 25th August 2017 Snacks and Shops As usual we went to work in the morning, but this time we were joined by my Sister and my Cousin. It was business as usual for the most part… Continue reading Pizza and Plaits

Journal Jottings

Road-trips and Ruffians

Thursday 17 August 2017 We're leaving at 15:00!   While at work I decided to call Boyfriend during lunch. We had weekend plans and he was only supposed to come over the next day but on a whim we decided otherwise. His parents dropped him off at my work half an hour before home time… Continue reading Road-trips and Ruffians