My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 19

Remember that tickling of the flu I mentioned last time? Well. It's officially become more than a tickling. On Tuesday the flu officially hit me with a bang. Nevertheless, I still managed to prepare and perform a presentation for one of my units, even if I did end up skipping a class here and there to… Continue reading My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 19

My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 8

The week has gone by in a blur. Here's the recap: 1. Prep for 2nd Therapy Appointment I had a bit of homework from my first session to complete which included a journal and a collage. The journal was easy to keep up with but the collage was left to the morning before as it… Continue reading My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 8

My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 6

Week 6 of this challenge simply flew by. I'm late with the update and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. I looked at the calendar and realised I've already been in SA for 5 days. Here is week 6's update: 1. Study for Computational Mathematics This was a bit of a challenge.… Continue reading My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 6

Journal Jottings

Wild Wanderings

Saturday 2nd September 2017 The Kruger We got off to a rather early start. Dressed, fed and ready to hit the road again, all before 7am. My traditional cup of Rooibos tea looked extra-cute in an elephant cup. We made our way to the Kruger National Park and the first one to greet us was… Continue reading Wild Wanderings

Journal Jottings

Hoedspruit Holiday

Finally we get to September and Spring in South Africa. Friday 1st September 2017 Childhood Candy Since the day before the dogs knew something was up. They're quite smart and realised that they were going to be left with the Grandparents. We snuck away while they were on a walk with Grandpa and made our way… Continue reading Hoedspruit Holiday

Journal Jottings

Pizza and Plaits

So a lot has been going on and wifi has been very scarce. Here is another weekly update! Friday 25th August 2017 Snacks and Shops As usual we went to work in the morning, but this time we were joined by my Sister and my Cousin. It was business as usual for the most part… Continue reading Pizza and Plaits

Journal Jottings

Vacations and Viruses

Wednesday   9 August 2017   The flight   It's the second week of the August holidays and so much has happened already. A fortnight ago, on the Wednesday was my final exam and my last opportunity to see my desert-friends before heading back home to SA. That same night my sister and I spent… Continue reading Vacations and Viruses

Fabulous Friends

Sunshine Blogger Award

This is the first time I've been nominated for a blogger award... *insert excited squeal and blushy giggles*. I am so glad that I decided to join this wonderfully welcoming community of bloggers and so thankful for all my new virtual friends (and the real life friends that are joining me on this adventure). I… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award