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Vacations and Viruses

Wednesday   9 August 2017   The flight   It's the second week of the August holidays and so much has happened already. A fortnight ago, on the Wednesday was my final exam and my last opportunity to see my desert-friends before heading back home to SA. That same night my sister and I spent… Continue reading Vacations and Viruses

Journal Jottings

Hello World

Greetings people of the interwebs!*peeks nervously from under a fluffly blanket*Soooo guess what......I assume you're waiting on the edge of your seat to know what's happening, or maybe not and the fact that I'm posting here is pretty self-explanatory but here goes: I decided to make use of this blog space again!You may be asking… Continue reading Hello World

Nowhere Nonsense

Moving to self-hosted

Hey all, I decided to do some redecorating. I have moved the majority of my content and changed my domain name. You can find me at Binx Thinx

Fabulous Friends

Sunshine Blogger Award

This is the first time I've been nominated for a blogger award... *insert excited squeal and blushy giggles*. I am so glad that I decided to join this wonderfully welcoming community of bloggers and so thankful for all my new virtual friends (and the real life friends that are joining me on this adventure). I… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Nowhere Nonsense

Blog Loving

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Esteemed Echoes

I wonder…

"There is the great lesson of Beauty and the Beast, that a thing must be loved before it is lovable." - G.K. Chesterton