About the Author

Intuitive. Perfectionist. Imaginative. Easily distracted. Compassionate. High maintenance. Intelligent. Overly sensitive. Daydreamer. Night thinker.

Living in my own little world circa 1996. Lover of words, daydreams and fairytales. Trying to see past the labels that society has gifted me with. Pisces, Indigo child, INFJ… The list goes on.

I’m a language enthusiast who has been tricked into learning programming languages instead of ancient ones. My dream has been to write a novel and I am currently making a detour towards a BSc degree in Computer Sciences.

This blog is my way of escaping reality through utilising reality, and also escaping technology by using technology. It may seem counter-intuitive until you look a little bit below the surface. Adding my dreams, my hobbies and what I love into the mundane aspects of everyday life guarantees that I will not abandon them.

Welcome to my Imagination…