My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 15

Late again. Dang it.

Here is last week’s list (I crossed out the ones I completed):

  1. Finish Bigfoot work
  2. Finish TEFL Assignment
  3. Finish Uni Assignments
  4. Clean the house
  5. Do all the laundry
  6. Wash the dogs
  7. Buy groceries
  8. Eat some healthy food
  9. Set up blog meeting
  10. Sign contract for work

As you can see, I managed to finish most of my to dos but sadly not all of them. I am surprised by how much I enjoyed one of my assignments this week. We had to create a website and I haven’t played around with HTML and CSS in quite a while.

Otherwise, I mostly did a lot of homework and other chores. I managed to finish a couple of books too. This is because I mainly use the Pomodoro method to do my work and I read in my breaks lately instead of watching so much Netflix.

I also listened to a lot of Podcasts instead of Audiobooks, while doing chores and driving, as I wanted to switch it up a bit.

It’s already nearly the end of week 16 so I’ll be working on that post soon. What have you all been doing lately?

Until next time




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