My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 11

Yes, it’s me again and so soon. I really want to get this done today so I can be back on track. It seems I always have two or more posts on one day and the nothing for a week. why am I like this?

Let’s take a look at week 11 and what actually happened:

1. Submit all uni work for the week

Nothing was late or overdue so woop! This has been going really well so fingers crossed I can keep it up or even work ahead. We have an extra assignment deadline after this week, as we picked our presentation topics. Luckily our lecturer said we can present whenever we are ready so we can take our time with one assignment. For this next week I want to get all my weekly submissions done ahead of time so I can get started on my assignments.

2. Catch up with My Butterfly Effect

Actually doing it right now so yay me! And on the right day too.

3. Mom’s birthday

We didn’t really get to everything we wanted to do for a variety of reasons but nevertheless it was great to spend time with her before she jets off back to SA again.

4. Sort out my clothes rack

This actually turned out better than I thought it would. We don’t have enough closet space in our snug apartment, hence the need for the clothes racks. I put all my jackets and scarves on it and it actually looks pretty decent so I’m happy with it.

5. Unpack books

I had been putting this off because I’m a bit concerned about the levels of humidity in my room. I ended up putting all my books in a drawer and some little boxes, very far from the culprit i.e. the balcony door. They are now happily enclosed in their new homes but I do miss seeing them on my shelf. Ah well.

6. Organise my shelf

Managed to get this done too! It looks a bit bare without my books but also a lot less cluttered. My stuffed animals have more room to play so that’s alright.

7. Get curtains

Yesss dad finally put the curtains up last night so I have a ton of pictures that I need to take for my social media and main blog. Expect to see posts this week if that goes well – it is still a bit dark in my room even with the curtains. (Also for those of you who are like Wouldn’t there have been more light without the curtains?? No, because I forgot to mention that my dad had nailed duvets across our windows until he could put the curtains up.)

8. Get wifi

This also got sorted out thankfully. It’s a bit of a temptation but it’s so much better being able to work at my desk in peace and quiet and not at the dining table.

9. Start over with my 30 Day Challenges

I started them again on Thursday and Yoga has been going well. Waking up early for TMM is still bit of a challenge. I really need to focus on my bedtime routine this week methinks.

10. Visa things for Aus

I had to do a couple of things that my parents submitted so we shall see if there’s anything left to be done after this. I’m a bit hazy about the whole process to be honest. Too much else has been going on and I still have a lot of mental clutter to sift through this week.

11. Extra

  • Sorted out some more things in my digital journal
  • Made some future bullet journaling decisions
  • Finished a book
  • Drove around a loooot for Mom, Sister, and friends
  • Kept my Duolingo streak for 3 days
  • Helped out a friend with starting his blog
  • Helped mom with TEFL – yes this stuff is still happening

Overall, it was pretty productive. I am very excited for our next Men of Letters meetup which should be happening tonight.

Goals for this week:

  1. Scrivener tutorial
  2. Finish uni work ahead of schedule
  3. Take a look at assignments
  4. TEFL things
  5. Bigfoot documentation
  6. Edit and upload guest post
  7. Edit and upload regular posts
  8. Book reviews?
  9. Puck and Cindy stories
  10. Sort daily planning

Until next week




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