My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 10

The first full week of September, as well as university, was quite eventful to say the least. My car broke down just after we had taken the dogs to the vet and stopped to buy groceries. There we stood, melting ice-cream in hand and internal-screaming. Luckily I have some of the best friends in the world and they came to our rescue. We managed to get the car sorted out the next day.

However, my week was thrown completely off track. Here’s the short recap – warning – it did not go as planned:

1. Finish Scrivener tutorial


2. Start journal

Not yet.

3. Start 30 day TMM challenge

See number 4.

4. Start 30 days of yoga

See number 5.

5. Start country heat workouts

My first day was successful annnd then it quickly went down the drain. I’ll try again next week.

6. Sort out LMS

YES! Done! I managed to access all of my units before their classes, which was great because I ended up missing one of them. At least I had online access to do my work from home.

7. Orgnanise desk

Half done. I didn’t have wifi in my room yet so it was still a bit of a mess and I sat in the living room to do my work most of the time.

8. Upload a blog post

Probably didn’t happen… I don’t have curtains in my room yet so I haven’t even been able to take pictures for my Instagram yet, never mind my blog posts.

9. Do readings for class

I did all the readings I could find so I’d consider this a success. I eventually found the rest after my classes so I’ll do those on the weekend.

10. Reflect on first classes

Well, like I said, I missed the first class so that wasn’t too amazing but the other two classes went really well. I have all of my favourite lecturers this trimester so I’m really happy about that. All of my units have weekly submissions so it’s going to be a lot of work to stay on top of.

11. Bonus bits and bobs

  • Chores. So many.
  • Some unpacking
  • Got a new battery for my car
  • Started a bloggers club aka Men of Letters
  • Had the first meeting and it went really well
  • Had a Bigfoot Project meetup and we sorted out a lot there
  • Overall was a productive week, even if I didn’t do everything that was on my list.

This is very very late but I’ll try have the right one up today too.

Goals for week 11:

  1. Submit all uni work for the week
  2. Catch up with My Butterfly Effect
  3. Mom’s birthday
  4. Sort out my clothes rack
  5. Unpack books
  6. Organise my shelf
  7. Get curtains
  8. Get wifi
  9. Start over with my 30 Day Challenges
  10. Visa things for Aus




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