My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 9

It’s been a tough week. My grandma passed away and coming to terms with it has been challenging.

Here’s the short recap:

1. Write and schedule next post

Currently doing it the morning it’s due. So the writing part is successful, scheduling not so much.

2. Write a few posts for

They’re coming along. Been slowly working on them. Maybe I’ll finish some today. I do want something up by the first week of September.

3. Organise bookshelf

A third of this is done. I discovered that a few of my boxes aren’t in my room so I have to wait for my dad to return before I can finish this.

4. Write letter

All the grandkids who couldn’t make it to the funeral contributed to a letter that was read by the priest. It was difficult to find the words and I cried, but I’m glad we wrote something. I have regretted not saying/writing anything for my other grandma’s funeral so I’m happy we managed something this time.

5. Cook a meal

I have been craving some veggies so in the middle of the week I made dinner for my sister and I. Brown rice, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans and mushrooms, Quorn sausages and gravy. It turned out better than I expected and it satisfied my cravings. I really want to cook more. We haven’t ordered take out since my dad went to SA so we’re making good progress.

6. Spend time with my sister

We’ve been getting along really well this week and decided to watch all the Disney movies in order, from the 1930s to today. We started off with Snow White.

7. Make followup Vet appointment

I wanted to take them on Thursday but the vet said Sunday would be more convenient, so we’ll be taking them this afternoon when my sister is done with her first class.

8. Finish Scrivener tutorial

I did some more of it but it’s not finished yet.

9. Make uni schedule

Made it in my digital journal and it looks very cute. I’ll be driving 4 days of the week as my sister has class on 2 days when I don’t.

10. Set up September in bujo

Done this in my digital and my regular bullet journal and ‘m quite happy with how they both turned out.


Goals for week 10:

  1. Finish Scrivener tutorial
  2. Start journal
  3. Start 30 day TMM challenge
  4. Start 30 days of yoga
  5. Start country heat workouts
  6. Sort out LMS
  7. Orgnanise desk
  8. Upload a blog post
  9. Do readings for class
  10. Reflect on first classes

See you next time,




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