My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 8

The week has gone by in a blur. Here’s the recap:

1. Prep for 2nd Therapy Appointment

I had a bit of homework from my first session to complete which included a journal and a collage. The journal was easy to keep up with but the collage was left to the morning before as it required an internet connection. It was fun making the collage and the appointment went well. I am sad to be leaving again and having to make a new plan while I’m in Dubai.

2. Sushi night & Mexican restaurant

Sushi night at our old favourite was so much fun. I didn’t eat much during the day and I ended up finishing the whole veg platter that I ordered – for the first time in history. It was SO much sushi but I loved every second of it.

I haven’t been to the Mexican place before, but it was great! I wish I ordered a burrito but the bowl I had was delectable – and not as messy. Next time I’m in the country I’ll try the burrito for sure! We had churros for desert and they made my heart ache for long nights in Global Village trying street food and eating while we walked. It was good seeing two of my closest friends again and I miss them already.

3. Pack for flight

I honestly can’t even remember when I ended up packing, but I made it with nothing left behind. All things considered, it turned out well. I always end up forgetting what’s in my closet in South Africa so I pack a few things for my stay and end up buying a thing or two.

4. Fly to Dubai

Crossed the world with minor anxiety. I ended up watching the entire first season of Big Little Lies on the plane, which I highly recommend! I’m not a huge fan of the airport in SA and I miss my mom already.

5. Finish unpacking

I unpacked my suitcase but I still have a couple of boxes from the move to get to. I am hesitant to unpack my books though. My room gets a bit humid as I keep the balcony door open for the pups. So, I’m still contemplating whether or not to unpack my books or keep them in the boxes for the time being. Until the humidity calms down at least.

6. Organise room

It’s get there, slowly but surely. I forgot about all the baskets I still have to organise so it’s a bit more than I thought.

7. Set up blog schedule

I read a post on a blog I really admire, it’s called My Blogging Process by Jenny In Neverland. I adore her blog and I am constantly amazed by how much writing she gets done. So I jotted down a list of blog post ideas that I’d like to write in advance and schedule for next month.

8. Post on Main Blog

Hasn’t happened yet. Time ran away from me.

9. Check LMS for marks

I did but the still weren’t out yet. I’ll try again later.

10. Start prepping for uni

I’ve been sorting out my digital journals whenever I get a chance. Also considering taking notes on my iPad from now on. Still have a few things to sort before the start of term.

I was halfway through this post when I received some very bad news, so apologies for the lateness.


Week 9 goals:

  1. Write and schedule next post
  2. Write a few posts for
  3. Organise bookshelf
  4. Write letter
  5. Cook a meal
  6. Spend time with my sister
  7. Make followup Vet appointment
  8. Finish Scrivener tutorial
  9. Make uni schedule
  10. Set up September in bujo

Until next time




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