My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 7

So here I am about two minutes after clicking publish on my previous post, now writing the next one. Look at me go!

I’m as surprised as you are, trust me. I really do love this challenge and writing and blogging in general so I want to be more dedicated.

Let’s go over week 7 and my goals so far:

1. Pack for SA

This turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be. This is for quite a few reasons. A day or so after going to the vet, I discovered a little patch of something, which turned out to be ringworm, on one of my dog’s paws. Like the overprotective-dog-mom that I am, I freaked out, googled my heart out, and made another appointment at the vet as soon as humanly possible. This whole episode resulted in a series of breakdowns and I wanted to cancel my flight to stay with the dogs, and basically I didn’t know whether or not to pack.We eventually made a plan and my flight was not cancelled in the end.

This is partially why my packing happened very last minute – essentially the night before my flight. It didn’t happen during the day before my flight because I received a phone call from my friends and ended up spending the majority of the day with them, before taking my sister to uni for her exam (on her Birthday, poor thing) and eating cake with her and my dad afterwards. I was out with friends again until 11, and I only finished packing at 2 in the morning. Not ideal, but I managed to remember nearly everything and only forget a couple of things that weren’t vital to my trip.

2. Sort out dog-sitting

Sorted. This was touch and go for a while after the whole ringworm discovery, but it all worked out in the end and my friend(s) took great care of them. Now my dad is back home from his business trip and taking care of the pups while we enjoy the rest of our stay in SA.

3. Fly to South Africa

Made it in one piece. I’m not a huge fan of flying but we’ve done it so many times over the past 4 years that we have our routine basically perfected. Luckily it was a day flight as we have all established that we hate night flights more than anything. During the day you can at least spend your time productively and read or pay attention to a movie. Night flights are just a constant struggle to fall asleep.

4. Sort schedule

When I arrived my mom informed me of a few informal plans with family and friends, and I managed to get back to my bullet journal to fill it all in. My schedule filled up pretty quickly and I had something to do or somewhere to be every single day so far.

5. Therapy appointment

I little while ago I decided I’d like to talk to a therapist about some things so my mom set up an appointment for me. I went on Wednesday and it was a pretty stressful day overall because I was driving a car I haven’t been in before, and I’m a nervous driver in general. So, when I arrived at the appointment I was already a bit anxious from driving and nearly getting lost. Luckily, I left home really early so I arrived with plenty of time to spare and I managed to calm down a little.

The appointment itself went really well and I’m glad I decided to go. I have another appointment on Monday, then we’ll see how it goes after that.

6. Get lashes and brows done

This was on Thursday and I feel like a new human being. I haven’t found anyone in Dubai who I’m comfortable with so I always get my brows and lashes (and even my hair sometimes) done when I visit SA. My eyes are rather sensitive (especially after flights) so it tends to be quite a process of trying to get the tint to stay on while my eyes leak rivulets of tears. It all turned out okay even if it took twice as long as it normally would.

7. Start yoga and workouts again

I actually felt better a few days after landing in SA as I was exhausted after the move, exams and flying. So I decided to start a 15 day challenge of the Beginners Fightmaster Yoga Challenge and Country Heat workouts. I started on Thursday and it’s been going really well so far. I was getting headaches all the time lately and the exercise has been helping so much with that, as well as my sleep quality.

8. Finish a book or two

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic so I started reading The Princess Diaries again. I loved the series in primary school and they are really easy to read. I managed to finish two of them during the week so that’s another goal ticked off.

9. Visit friends and family

It’s been wonderful seeing my mom and Mekayla this week. We’ve been eating out, going shopping, went to the movies, and just hanging out at home. It’s been lovely and relaxing. We also visited our grandparents on Saturday morning and it was great seeing them again – the last time I saw them was in December I think.

I’ll also be seeing some of my aunts and cousins today so that should be another busy day of catching up. I’m also planning on seeing some more friends before we leave on Wednesday.

10. Write and schedule post before Sunday

Done and done.

Week 7 has been full of adventures and appointments but I’ve been having a great time. I’ll enjoy the rest of my stay in SA this week and I’m looking forward to going back to Dubai so I can finish unpacking and get ready for next trimester.

Goals for week 8:

  1. Prep for 2nd Therapy Appointment
  2. Sushi night & Mexican restaurant
  3. Pack for flight
  4. Fly to Dubai
  5. Finish unpacking
  6. Organise room
  7. Set up blog schedule
  8. Post on
  9. Check LMS for marks
  10. Start prepping for uni

Until next time




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