My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 6

Week 6 of this challenge simply flew by. I’m late with the update and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. I looked at the calendar and realised I’ve already been in SA for 5 days.

Here is week 6’s update:

1. Study for Computational Mathematics

This was a bit of a challenge. I left the studying for CM a bit late, as KM had a lot more work to cover so I realised too late that I had forgotten to print out the past papers to practice with during the chaos of moving, the new apartment layout, having no wifi in my room and last but not least, no paper in the printer.

I ended up going to University late at night and with a friend and printing the past papers – I tried working from my laptop but I got annoyed eventually. I studied late into the evening and woke up early to make sure my calculator and my cheat-sheet were in order ( we were permitted to take in one A4 paper with notes).

2. Study for Knowledge Management

This basically swallowed up my life for 4 days. All I was doing was going over my notes and practicing past papers until I couldn’t see straight anymore. I actually enjoyed this unit but it has SO MUCH THEORY it’s insane. It also makes simple concepts very complicated with their definitions. All in all, this took up half of my week so I hope it was worth it.

3. Write CM Exam

This didn’t start off too well as I forgot to check my email the day before and the venue changed last minute, so that stressed me out a bit. Even so, I was there very early so I still managed to be the first one in the venue and I had time to go over my notes one more time and make sure I chose the best seat – right in front. I HATE it when I sit behind or next to people during exams. I find it highly distracting and it takes me much longer to focus and finish.

All in all, I think it went well. Now I’m just waiting for the results.

4. Write KM Exam

I arrived at the venue a little later than I would have liked, so the room was already quite full. This stressed me out a little so I didn’t pick a seat that I liked and then when I sat down I felt way too awkward to stand up and move, so I just stayed where I was.

This was a writing exam so I ended up finishing very early – I read and write quite quickly. Afterwards I sat in the Library and waited for the relief to find its way to me. I realised that I left my iPad at home so I read on my phone for a little while until my friends finished up their exam and we went for lunch.

The relief was more tangible after going home though, but I’m glad I stayed longer to spend some time with people before going off on my own.

5. Format laptop & make backups

YES!!! My laptop was SO FULL after the past two years of downloading all sorts of different software for uni. It feels amazing to have a clean start and I can think clearly again. However, it has been taking some time to get organised again so that’s also a part of why this update is so late.

6. Bath dogs ASAP

Done. They were so happy to get rid of all the dust from the move. They’re not fond of baths, but they LOVE rolling around afterwards to dry themselves.

7. Take dogs for rabies vaccine

Check. It took about 2 minutes when we got there and the drive to the vet is 20 minutes. Really annoying and a mission to get someone to go with me every time we need to visit the vet so they can hold the dogs, but we manage to get it done.

8. Officially start unpacking

I successfully started to unpack and I managed to unpack 2 boxes and at least 3 of my suitcases. When I head back to Dubai I won’t have a lot left but I’m excited to have my room all sorted out.

9. Make packing list for SA trip

I hardly even bothered with this. I’m so used to flying now and most of my airplane essentials live in my carry-on, I barely had to pack anything other than my electronics.

10. Organise schedule for SA trip

Some of my appointments were not confirmed yet, so this only happened later.

All in all, a very busy week. I think I should start writing these updates more in advance so that I’m more on time in future.

Here are week 7’s goals:

  1. Pack for SA
  2. Sort out dog-sitting
  3. Fly to South Africa
  4. Sort schedule
  5. Therapy appointment
  6. Get lashes and brows done
  7. Start yoga and workouts again
  8. Finish a book or two
  9. Visit friends and family
  10. Write and schedule post before Sunday

Week 7 is nearly done at this point so you’ll be hearing from me really soon!

Lots of love




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