My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect: Chapter 5

Last week ended up being beyond busy. My friends convinced me to join them on Tuesday night and we stayed out really late. I only ended up getting home the next evening. In the days following, packing, moving, studying, and exams took over one after the other.

Here is the recap for week 5’s goals:

1. Study for exams every day  (use Pomodoro & Forest)

Thanks to all the packing, I didn’t get round to studying as much as I would have liked. When I did find time I managed to use Pomodoro and Forest to keep myself on track.

2. Start packing for the move

Done and dusted (and also very dusty – my allergies did not approve). As soon as I woke up on the 2nd of August, we packed everything in the house that we possibly could. he next day it continued and my parents took a lot of our things to the new place already. This is because the movers were delayed and they were meant to come on Friday , but they ended up only coming on Saturday. Ultimately, it all worked out and we successfully moved into the new apartment. I was exhausted afterwards and I didn’t have the energy for much other than studying.

3. Organise my digital planners

I had heaps of fun doing this. I’m not finished yet as I only worked on them for half a day at the beginning of the week. I’ll have more time in the holidays to continue setting them up and I’m looking forward to it. It’s quite a mission as I went a bit overboard and decided to try out three different digital planners, each for a unique purpose: Health, Writing, and Personal.

It took me a while to figure out which tabs to put in each of them and which layouts would be best. I also sorted out the cover pages and the introduction pages. This included a couple of colouring pages that I couldn’t resist completing. A couple of years ago I designed some pages for a Life Binder and I decided to repurpose them for my digital planners so that took up some time too. I think I’ll make a post on my main blog about my digital planners when I complete the setup.


4. Start new yoga challenge

I started it sure. However, I didn’t manage to stick to it with all the chaos of moving. After the second day of the challenge, my yoga mat disappeared and I tried doing yoga on a duvet instead, but I nearly slipped and bumped my head so I gave up on that for the time being. I spent a couple of days searching for my yoga mat and finally located it. Now the problem is finding floor space…

5. Start workout challenge

Pretty much same as above. I haven’t done my workouts since the move. Admittedly, I was a bit burnt out after carrying so much and all the running up and down and cleaning the old apartment, so it’s not like I didn’t get any exercise in. A few days to recover wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world after all.

6. Start morning routine challenge

Again, the chaos took over and each morning was too haphazard for much of a routine. September would be a better bet to successfully implement this. The rest of this month has too much going on, but I’ll see how it goes and maybe reevaluate. I really want to get into this habit so I’m not giving up just yet.

7. Add Duolingo to my morning routine

Did it once or twice but not consistently enough. When I was setting up my digital planners I made a morning and night routine layout and this is on the list.

8. Write a blog post for Binx Thinx

This is in the works but not published as of yet. Hopefully soon. I’m a bit of a pantser when it comes to writing so I’m stilly adjusting to this whole sticking-to-a-schedule business.

9. Finish book reviews

Didn’t have time for these. I read a lot though so the list has grown. *Sigh*

10. Finish a book

As a matter of fact, I finished TWO whole books. I managed to keep my iPad mini close by during the move and every spare second I ended up reading. I have fallen down a rabbit hole and reading is all I want to do now. I am in love with finding this mindset again. I’ve missed the bookworm-fever.

All in all, a pretty tiring week. I didn’t get around to everything that I wanted to, and I knew the week would be tough but I wanted to have the goals there so I would do as much as I could. I’m quite happy with the results.

Goals for week 6:

  1. Study for Computational Mathematics
  2. Study for Knowledge Management
  3. Write CM Exam
  4. Write KM Exam
  5. Format laptop & make backups
  6. Bath dogs ASAP
  7. Take dogs for rabies vaccine
  8. Officially start unpacking
  9. Make packing list for SA trip
  10. Organise schedule for SA trip

So much to do this week!

Until next time




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