My Butterfly Effect

My Butterfly Effect Chapter 4

My last assignment for Uni is finally finished and submitted! I’m over the moon! Now, all that is left for this trimester is exams, and then I can relax for a while before it starts all over again.

This week zoomed by so quickly, I hardly even noticed when Sunday passed me by. Let’s get straight to the recap.

1. Take some time away from social media

This has been most successful, and a necessity with all of my work I needed to get finished. I had the occasional binge here and there but I spent a lot less time online overall. It really feels quite amazing to not be trapped by my phone. I think more breaks are called for in the future.

2. Detox my online environments

I came to the conclusion that numbers aren’t everything and they just add unneeded stress to my life. I sorted out my emails that were piling up again and I went through my Instagram followers. I made my more personal account private where I predominantly share pictures of friends and family. I decided that the whole world doesn’t need to be privy to it so I removed all followers that I don’t personally know. I got rid of over 2000 followers. Weird, I know, but I feel a lot better for it. There’s less pressure in a way and I’ll leave it at that.

3. Spend time with my mom

She landed in Dubai on Thursday and it’s been lovely having her here. I’ve been spending time with her in between all the assignment anxiety but I had to decline a few invitations when she and my sister went shopping over the weekend. The first time I had too much to get done and the second time there was a huge sandstorm going on and the dust in the air had a really horrible interaction with my allergies so I decided to stay home. They were kind enough to bring meals home for me though and we have plans to go see Mama Mia 2 in the week.

4. Finish my last assignment

YES!!! I finished it today and the relief is indescribable. The last two parts took a tad longer than I thought they would, luckily we discovered that we received a two-day extension so I had enough time to complete as much as possible before giving in and submitting it.

5. Be there for people

I’m trying to get out of my head more and be around for the people in my life. I’m in my own world a lot of the time and I’m trying to stay in reality more. I think I’ve been doing better.

6. No delivery food

This was successful 4 out of 7 days. Not what I was aiming for but in the midst of stress and insomnia, we caved to the temptation and ordered-in once. The other two times, my family went shopping and brought take out home with them. On the bright side, there wasn’t any pizza and the reduction in greasy cheese is a welcome change.

7. Buy groceries

We actually did this more than once this week. Sunday’s trip to the grocery went really well and we made brunch as soon as we got home. Supplies eventually ran low again and mom went shopping on the weekend. She’s also started packing up around the house so it’s a bit chaotic around here.

8. Make a meal plan

Made it, yes. Stuck to it, not so much. I tried to as much as possible but this is definitely something we should try again in the future. Even just having meal ideas before buying groceries makes it much easier to not cave to takeaways.

9. Finalise plans for next week

I was supposed to go to a gathering with friends but decided against it. I have way too much to do at home this week so I’m giving it a miss. Going out takes a lot out of me and it takes me too long to recover from the social overload. It ends up taking out 2 to 3 days out of my week and I can’t afford that right now with exams and the move looming ever nearer.

10. Set up a study schedule

As I only have two exams this wasn’t too difficult. I decided to study a bit of both my units every day for the next week. I’ve already set up my monthly calendar in my bullet journal so I just filled it all in. I need to make sure I wake up early to get sufficient studying done of each unit every day.

11. Bonus

I only have one day left of my yoga challenge for this month and it feels absolutely amazing to have done yoga every single day for the past 30 days.

Overall, I got my important tasks done and I knew they would be taking up a lot of my time so I wasn’t too hard on myself last week.

This week there’s a lot to do:

  1. Study for exams every day  (use Pomodoro & Forest)
  2. Start packing for the move
  3. Organise my digital planners
  4. Start new yoga challenge
  5. Start workout challenge
  6. Start morning routine challenge
  7. Add Duolingo to my morning routine
  8. Write a blog post for Binx Thinx
  9. Finish book reviews
  10. Finish a book

I know it looks like a lot but I don’t have classes this week so I’ll have some time to get the rest of my life sorted.  My morning routine also involves waking up earlier which is when yoga and exercise should take place, and there are sufficient breaks in the Pomodoro method for me to catch up on writing and reading.

Until next time,

Good luck to anyone else who has exams!




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