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Wild Wanderings


2nd September 2017

The Kruger

We got off to a rather early start. Dressed, fed and ready to hit the road again, all before 7am. My traditional cup of Rooibos tea looked extra-cute in an elephant cup.

We made our way to the Kruger National Park and the first one to greet us was this gorgeous elephant.


I usually spend my time reading when we go on these kinds of drives. Usually this results in me missing a lot of the scenery and parents shouting at me to look at the animals. This time around I had an audiobook instead of a traditional one, which was perfect as I could be involved in a story and look outside simultaneously. It was also a pink kind of day so naturally I had to terrorize my sister a little bit. I was happily involved in my book with breaks to chat with my family. We made a few stops and looked at the curio shops in the park where I bought a new cap.

We spent most of the morning driving and saw the usual buck and zebras (who ran too fast for a good picture). Later we made a stop for lunch and made some sandwiches at a picnic place. In the afternoon we saw more interesting animals who agreed to let us snap a pic or two.

Firstly a giraffe.

Another big-eared friend.

A hyena with her brood of adorable little ones.

Mr Big Shot Baboon.

I spotted a bunch of interesting looking trees and had to stop to get a picture of one.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot of this stunning couple. There was a road hog so we couldn’t get close enough or even see through our side windows.

Some more bad luck with this fella showing of his stripey behind.

We interrupted this pair who were having an early dinner.

It started getting later and close to closing time, so we made our way back home.

Overall it was a great day and a lot of fun.

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Hoedspruit Holiday


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