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Hoedspruit Holiday

Finally we get to September and Spring in South Africa.


1st September 2017

Childhood Candy

Since the day before the dogs knew something was up. They’re quite smart and realised that they were going to be left with the Grandparents. We snuck away while they were on a walk with Grandpa and made our way to Hoedspruit.

The drive was quite long – about 4 hours – so we made plenty of stops along the way for fuel and bathroom breaks. My favourite stop by far was at a garage that had some of the best candy and sweet things that remind of when I was little.

I listened to music with the family and sometimes listened to my audiobook of Girl Online: On Tour and stared at the beautiful scenery passing by outside the window. I think I may have dozed off for a little while too (4 hours of driving is a long time especially after waking up too early).

When we finally got to Hoedspruit we immediately headed to our favourite pizza place for lunch. I had a Funghi pizza with extra onions, yum.

Then we went to go check our accommodations. We were staying at Bushriver Lodge for the first time. I was gobsmacked when we saw the adorable little house. It was GORGEOUS.

This was my room and I loved staying there. My sister and I were going to share until she discovered there was another room upstairs.

The dining area was so modern with amazing artwork (a theme throughout the house).

The bathrooms were all spotless and modern.


The living room had a wonderful view of the sunset and the couches were super comfortable and my favourite spot (other than my bed) for naps and watching series.

Outside was another seating area and dining table. Mom and I sat at the bench after we unpacked and she trimmed some of my split ends and added slight layers to my hair.

There were also steps leading up to a deck and pool area (and the pool is so cute and natural). Unfortunately it was still a bit too chilly for a swim.

We watched the sunset and saw some buck by the river every now and then.

We were so exhausted from the drive and dad was planning another early morning so we went to bed quite early.

Stay tuned for our day trip into the Kruger Park. There are quite a lot of pictures so I thought it would be better to split the weekend into a few posts.

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