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Snacking and Sushi

Time to get caught up!


28th August 2017

Sushi Smugglers

(09:20 the next morning but let’s pretend I wrote this last night before I went out for sushi)

So today I decided to start working out again (after paining from picking up a toddler for 10 minutes) and I’ve been wanting to complete the Beachbody workouts.

This time round I decided to start with Country Heat. It claims to be a relatively low impact dance workout and the first day was certainly a challenge. I very clearly am not as fit as I used to be because halfway through Country Swing I was breathing heavily and developing a cramp. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the workout and it was a lot of fun. The music was catchy and a few songs lingered in my head for the rest of the night.

I still need to weigh and measure myself for this challenge. Maybe I’ll do that in the morning.

I wrote that when I was getting back to working out.

That day I had work for most of the day and I went out for sushi with my friends in the evening. I spent way too much time getting ready and then sitting on the floor braiding my hair about 20 times before I decided on a fishtail plait (I only had about 2 minutes left for makeup before I had to leave – woops).


The whole night was a lot of fun. Best Friend got there early and waited for me then we got a table and waited for the other two to arrive. Julz is an old friend of mine and he and his girlfriend were meeting us at their newest favourite sushi location for dinner (sadly the place has since closed).

While we waited we perused the menu and eyed the desserts. We didn’t wait too long before the others arrived and we all ordered a veggie sushi platter (it was buy one get one free) as we’re all vegetarians.

Best Friend hadn’t really made up her mind before about sushi so this was her night to try it out and see if she liked it as much as we did. We were sitting at a table in the middle of the room but we were eyeing the cosy little booths that surrounded the rooms. As soon as we spotted an empty one we all pounced and relocated.

While we were waiting Best Friend and I made use of the new lighting to take some Snaps.

We chatted and caught up a bit before the four massive platters of sushi got to our table. And I mean MASSIVE.


We ate the handrolls first and they were divine. I couldn’t fit in too much more after those but we all watched as Julz ate his entire platter and half of Best Friend’s too.

I ended up taking a sneaky take-away (as it goes against the restaurant rules) and smuggled it out to the car.


29th August 2017

Car Swap


Sooo the weighing and measuring didn’t happen today. I was woken up wayyy to early and we were in a rush – Dad’s car is in for maintenance before the long weekend. So naturally mom and I had to drive out with two cars to give one to dad before going to work.

Yesterday I asked mom if she wanted to try some of the workouts with me and she agreed (she was at Pilates while I did day 1). So, after work she and I will complete day 2 together and see if she likes it.

The songs from yesterday’s workout have been replaced by Despacito and Fall For You (I haven’t heard this song in forever and it’s still as amazing as always – I remember every word) thanks to the radio on the drive this morning.

Before I went to sleep the night before I spotted my doggy all ready for bed (she’s the cutest thing).


Work itself was quite busy and I had lots to do.

On the way home I was struck by how much I missed African sunsets.


When we got home mom and I spent some time preparing braai-broodjies before my dad put them on the braai. We did end up trying the workout together and my mom loved it.


30th August 2017

Baadjies en Maatjies

Another day of heading to work. However before we left I got to sit with Pixie my doggy.


Unexpectedly, I got to leave work early (I was a little bummed because I still had some things to finish) because we were swapping cars again. Dad’s car was done being serviced so he picked us up in my car then we switched at the dealership and I took my sister home.

At home so early I was exited to do something (and avoid packing) so I messaged an old friend that had recently reached out, and asked her if she wanted to go for lunch.

We met at a Mugg and Bean and had a great time catching up and shopping together. We even got the same jacket and adorable Bambi pajamas.

At home I tucked in to some Afrikaans desserts and the nostalgia was just as good as the treats.



31st of August 2017

Doggies and Drives

It wasn’t exactly a long weekend, but Dad was in town so naturally we planned a family getaway.

We were meant to be leaving at noon. But it’s my family, so we ended up leaving around 3 in the afternoon.

We killed some time and finished packing our things. I braided my frizzball and I also took a few snapshots of the gorgeous garden.

Finally we were off to our Grandparents’ house to drop off the doggies.

When we arrived we took the doggies for a walk and they were so excited to see our Grandparents again. For dinner I ate my Steers veggie burger that I saved from the afternoon while everyone else ate proper food – woops.

We spent the night and I tried on my new pjs. Still making my way through Supernatural!

Stay Tuned for September Shenaningans and the trip to the Kruger!

Read about last week here:

Pizza and Plaits


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