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Pizza and Plaits

So a lot has been going on and wifi has been very scarce. Here is another weekly update!


25th August 2017

Snacks and Shops


As usual we went to work in the morning, but this time we were joined by my Sister and my Cousin. It was business as usual for the most part and the morning passed quickly, however we ended up leaving later than we thought we would.

A few fights occurred because some of us wanted to go shopping in the afternoon and some of us didn’t. Eventually we decided to go get pizza (after work and a wrong turn).

We went to Roman’s (one of my favourite pizza places in SA) and had some tricky orders. The garlic bread with cheese is to die for and the pizza toppings are always great. However, being vegetarians we complicated things a bit.

One Regina-without-the-ham and a BBQ-Chicken-and-Mushroom-sans-chicken and another one just with pineapple instead of the mushrooms and we were good to go. Of course the meat eaters had their share too, Peri Peri Chicken, Bacon and Feta, and BBQ Chicken and Pineapple. This made me hungry again sad that I ate too quickly and didn’t leave evidence for a snapshot.

While we waited for the pizza Mom, Cuzzy and I stepped into the shops to look for a jacket and successfully found a lovely cosy purple one for my Cousin’s birthday that had just passed.

At home I immediately showered, changed into pjs and tucked into the delicious pizza. Best Friend soon arrived and joined our taste test (our mututal favourite was the BBQ Pineapple).


Afterwards we headed upstairs and had some sneaky chocolate from Italy (thanks Mom xx).


And then we worked on changing up my weekly spread in my Bullet Journal and also decided on September’s colours and theme.


I was meant to be sorting through some books but I failed miserably and just ended up with an enormous pile of to-be-reads.


After Best Friend left I decided to practice some hand-lettering while watching some Supernatural. All in all a lovely day.


26th August 2017

Highways and Hooters

So this was quite a big day for me. This was the first time I drove on a highway all by myself!

I was going to Boyfriend’s house for two days so I got an early start and tried to miss the traffic. It wasn’t too bad except for one accident midway through. Maneuvering around the broken cars and parts was quite an experience but after that I relaxed a little bit.

I arrived safely and was immediately in Boyfriend’s arms for a good cuddle.

img_2271We watched his little sister play Minecraft on Xbox and she’s really quite adorable. I combed her hair and gave her an ‘Elsa braid’ while she showed me some of her drawings before we headed out.

For dinner we all went to Hooters. I’d never been there before but gave it a try. Boyfriend’s mom says the wings are amazing (for the meat eaters)- she’s the foodie so she should know (PS check out her Poetry and Prose and Food and Travel blogs too). I, on the other hand had another complicated order. Burger with no meat and a fried egg instead.

I joined the Little One with a strawberry milkshake while we waited. She also wanted to play some phone games in the meantime and I had so much fun with her. She’s 5 and it’s been a really long time since I’ve spent time with young kids. She beat me in quite a few games and I was quite impressed by her Minecraft skills from earlier too.


There was a Pokestop nearby so that kept us entertained too while we anxiously anticipated eating. Our food finally arrived in bursts (except for the onion rings) and the starving hands took over before we could document it. It was quite a messy meal but we cleaned all the plates. The onion rings appeared just as we were about to leave so they came home in a doggy bag for later – whoops.


My mom randomly sent an old picture of me during the day, when I was probably close to the Little One’s age.

On the drive back home (and throughout the afternoon) we played some Pokemon Go and I got some new ones for my Pokedex.

When we got home I spent some time trying to add some widgets to Anne’s blog but it didn’t go very well – whoops (We fixed it eventually – thanks to Stephan). Everyone else was making ready to braai and talking about the Money Fight that was scheduled for early next morning.

Boyfriend was eager to watch it, so we decided to watch some movies to stay awake.

We started off with The Circle, because Emma Watson is bae. It was a good art movie and definitely left you with some thoughts about how we use technology and the potential consequences of sharing our lives with the world.

Next we watched Deathnote. It was a bit less dark than the Anime in my opinion, but still a great movie. Halfway through ice-creams were awarded to the sweet tooths (I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE COOKIES AND CREAM MAGNUMS!!).

During Gifted I fell asleep so I can’t give any opinions on that one. Will have to rewatch soon.


27th August 2017

Pies and Packing

When the fight started we somehow woke up and went to the living room couches. Where I promptly fell asleep again.

The morning continued in a similar fashion of me waking up sporadically, except everyone else was asleep by this time.

I was meant to head home again around 9, but I only woke up properly around 11 (I think).

I drove back on the highway and (luckily) missed my off-ramp. I ended up exactly where I wanted to be – at Woolworths where I bought a lovely Spinach and Feta pie (again) and pizza for the evening (also again). I’m on holiday don’t judge.

At home the family and I spent the rest of the day going through our many shelves and cupboards of books. We packed up the ones we wanted to keep and made plans to donate or give away the rest. My mom and I are hoarders so this is always filled with some drama and tears.


At the end of the day I was delighted to relax in a bubble bath with my audio book.

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  1. Great journal jotting! And we got featured! Yay! Thank you so much. And thanks a lot more for the blogs mention. Love that pic of yours when you were small. Too cute! So happy to see you’re blogging. 🙂 Much love and hugs. xxx

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