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Road-trips and Ruffians


17 August 2017

We’re leaving at 15:00!


While at work I decided to call Boyfriend during lunch. We had weekend plans and he was only supposed to come over the next day but on a whim we decided otherwise.

His parents dropped him off at my work half an hour before home time and our weekend started early. He had also gotten my flu and spread it round his house so greetings were rather rushed to get out of the cold air.


At home mom made dinner (POTATOES!!) and we took some naps and ate again before taking our medication in front of the TV and then heading back to bed.



18 August 2017

The Pastry Hunt


The previous night Mom and Boyfriend had a chicken pie with dinner. This resulted in my Woolworths Spinach and Feta pie-cravings acting up again. I had been wanting these delectable delights ever since I was in Dubai and the Woolies closest to my house had all of a sudden decided to stop making them (and they are the only vegetarian pies other than the cheese puffs) which broke my heart.

So the day started with Boyfriend having leftover pie for breakfast and me watching him with a hint of green in my eyes. I message Best Friend and tell her about my pie cravings and let her know we will be going on a hunt before the get-together that evening. Before long she responds with a message saying that her mother brought her lunch – and guess what it was! MY PIE! I was crushed and even more anxious to locate one of those delicacies.

After her lunch, Best Friend came over and picked us up. The hunt began! We made our stop at the first Woolies with no luck. We gave up and made our way to PNA where I purchased some Lyra Aqua Brush Pens and PaperMate InkJoy pens, thanks to the influence of Best Friend. The rest of the stationery was all too temping and Boyfriend had to drag me out of there.

Our last stop was at a different shopping centre to buy snacks from Pick n Pay and pizza from Romans. Lo and behold there was a Woolworths too! I finally got my pie and I was a happy camper.

After running all our errands we made our way back home and immediately did a swatch of all my new pens.

The guests were due to arrive between 6 and 7 so naturally we only made the place ready just before 8 (our friends have a special view of time).

All our Ohana arrived in bursts and we spent most of the evening munching on snacks and playing Mafia before making our way to the Christmas bed in the living room to watch a couple of movies. Honestly I was still a bit sick and coughing a lot so I missed the majority of Bay Watch and I went to bed a bit before the rest.


19 August 2017

Waffles and Worries

The next morning we were awoken by hungry tummies calling from the living room. My friends were awake and had spotted the waffle maker.

Luckily we had some pancake mix in the cupboard and Best Friend and I us mixed the batter and made waffles for breakfast (while a very hungry GoT fan watched over our shoulders). We had them with vanilla ice cream, golden syrup and strawberries. A very good idea for breakfast indeed and eight tummies smiled with content.

Afterwards we started cleaning up our nests and the table where we were gathered the night before. One by one the guests made their way home and Boyfriend and I were the only ones left. We waited a few hours to repack the dishwasher and then made our way to his house.

We were planning on a night out so I spent a while trying on clothes and receiving assistance from my personal shopper (aka Mom).

Before making our way to Joburg-side, we went to drop off our friend L’s phone at her work (she had accidentally left it at my house the night before) and ran into Em at her new job too. We spent a few minutes chatting at each stop and buying some new medication for my cough, before hitting the road again.

When we arrived at Boyfriend’s house we greeted the family and soon after, things went downhill. Boyfriend’s mom had to go to the emergency room and thankfully she’s okay. She had a reaction to some of her medication and spent the night in the hospital.

Boyfriend and I spent the evening at home with his little sister anxiously waiting to hear news about his mom. I took my new medicine and was drifting in and out of sleep while he played some Xbox games and watched YouTube videos on the TV.

Eventually at 2 in the morning we headed to bed.


20 August 2017

Mishaps and Movies

The next morning we slept in ’til about 11 or so before heading out. Boyfriend wanted to introduce me to some of his new friends so we decided to meet for lunch and shopping.

We arrived at the mall a tad early and walked through the bookstore. This is where the mishap occurred. Boyfriend had a gift for one of his friends and he accidentally dropped it and it broke in two. We quickly made a plan to replace it before the girls arrived.

We met them in Typo where we browsing some more lovely stationery and I was a bit nervous so I felt slightly awkward at first. They are very lovely and friendly people and I calmed down after a while (although I still didn’t say too much – I was still feeling sick and scared to cough).

We hadn’t had any breakfast yet, so lunch would be our first meal of the day. Col’Cacchio Pizzeria has some of the most delicious oven baked pizza. Boyfriend and I had their half and half special. His half was an Hawaiian while mine had mushrooms and onions. (I really wish I took pictures this weekend but I was on another plain of existence and regrettably didn’t think to take any – my phone was a stranger.)

Our aching feet soon led us home after traipsing through the mall for an hour or two, so we said our goodbyes to the girls and I took another nap on the couch as soon as we got to the house.

Around 8, Boyfriend and I went to Monte Casino for a movie night. We booked our ticket and then went to buy snacks at KFC in the fifteen minutes before showtime. I got my favourite Berry Krusher and a large chips while Boyfriend had a Crunch Burger.

The Hitman’s Bodygaurd was our movie selection and it was quite a funny action movie which I really enjoyed and was wide awake for (I was prepared for the worst and ready to discretely nap if I didn’t like it).

Afterwards we made our way home and back to my current hangout – Dreamworld.


21 August 2017

Homeward Bound

The next morning Boyfriend and I drove back to my neck of the woods. We went to my Mom’s work and said hello and I picked up some of my things from her.

From there we headed to Mugg & Bean for their bottomless hot chocolate (me) and coffee (him) to wake us up. He had another burger with egg and bacon and I had some french toast (without the bacon) and golden syrup.

My chapped lips had used up all of my Amilab lip ice (currently the only lip product I use and it is AMAZING)  so we went to buy some more. Dischem is the only place that stocks it so we found some there and I got a whole handful of them.

The rest of the day was a sleepy blur (I blame the Vicks Medinight – it fixes you right up but the drowsiness is quite intense) with several more naps.

Tuesday – Friday

22 – 25 August 2017

Busy Bee

Mom and I took Boyfriend to his mom’s work before our’s started and we said goodbye.

The rest of the week I worked every day and that kept me busy. I finally got back to using my bullet journal and planned out my weekly spread.


I posted some things on my main blog in the middle of the week too:

Best Friend, MekaylaSilver wrote her first guest post

I reminisced about what I learned in Dubai



The next journal update is coming soon!

P.S. I really enjoy writing these and I want to start having daily updates instead of weekly ones. What do you guys think?



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