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Vacations and Viruses



9 August 2017


The flight


It’s the second week of the August holidays and so much has happened already. A fortnight ago, on the Wednesday was my final exam and my last opportunity to see my desert-friends before heading back home to SA. That same night my sister and I spent the usual 8 hours in the sky travelling to Johannesburg from Dubai International.




The journey began with Dad dropping us off at DXB and going with us to check in our bags. We nervously waited for them to weigh our carry-ons at customs (luckily they didn’t end up weighing them because I’m always a kilogram or so over the limit) and then made our way to the train to go to the new gates.




We were pleasantly surprised to discover a Shake Shack had appeared right next to our gate and immediately stood in the queue and grabbed a menu. We spent the majority of the three hours before our flight eating fries and sharing a caramel shake while relaxing and listening to music (Shake Shack has an amazing playlist and we loved every song).




The rest of the time we walked around and went searching for good perfumes to try. Alas, the perfume-hunt was unfruitful and we boarded the plane at 22:30.


The flight passed relatively quickly and we listened to music together  (Harry Styles’ solo album is to die for) or napped. Close to halfway through the flight my feet were a bit swollen and painful; as this usually happens when I fly I got up to try get the blood flowing again. One of the air hostesses noticed and helped me elevate my paining slippers. After about half an hour, my blood flow was a bit more normal and I returned to my seat.



10 August 2017




Before I knew it, we landed in SA, went through passport control and were waiting for our luggage. To my surprise, a familiar face greeted me close to the end of my journey. My boyfriend had come all the way to the airport to spend a quick 10 minutes with me before we had to part ways again. He walked us to mom’s car and then we were on our way again. My mom is always happy to see us again and we spent the car ride singing together out of tune and telling her about the flight. Mom had to drop Carmen and I off at home before work so everything was a bit rushed but we managed to make time for a cup of tea.


Wagging tails and licking tongues welcomed us at the front door. We have three dogs and a cat who all wanted attention and couldn’t decide who to sit on first. We spent a good long while cuddling and rubbing bellies, before heading upstairs to our rooms. A warm bath was welcome in the sudden cold of Gauteng after leaving the desert that had been home for the past three months.


After lounging in the bath, I made my way to my bed for another nap. A bed is really wonderful after trying to sleep upright all night long. In the afternoon my best friend came over and we went to have lunch at Mugg & Bean.




I tried their frozen hot chocolate and it is to die for luckily marshmallow fluff is vegetarian, along with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (and we’re besties so naturally she had the exact same order). We caught up and vlogged a bit and later she wrote a letter in my bujo for me while I was nodding off again.




All in all, the journey back home wasn’t too bad and seeing all my favourite people again is worth the swollen feet and lack of sleep.



11 August 2017




The next day my boyfriend came from Joburg to spend the day with me (and to supervise my driving – I just got my license in Dubai a few weeks ago but we drive on the opposite side of the road in SA).


Our first stop was to pick up my bestie from her house and drop her off at her lift a few streets away. She was performing at a Spanish Dance Show and the dancers were all sleeping over close to the venue.


After making sure she was settled and ready to go, boyfriend and I went to eat at Mugg & Bean for a late brunch (Yes, I know I went there the day before, but their food is amazing, okay don’t judge me). This time I had an omelette with mozzarella, mushrooms, and tomatoes and the frozen hot chocolate again. Boyfriend had the bottomless coffee and a cheeseburger with extra egg and bacon.




We spent the rest of the afternoon at home just relaxing, before getting ready for our night out. We met up with an old friend of mine, Em, and her boyfriend, E, at Wise Crax in Centurion. I had never been there before but it was a nice evening. We sat outside (to avoid the smoke and overly loud music inside) and had some hot chocolate and drinks.




I hadn’t seen Em & E for quite some time and I’m glad we finally made plans to catch up. After not seeing one another for years there was plenty to talk about. Boyfriend hadn’t met them before but being an ESFP, a natural ‘Entertainer‘ quickly made friends and the conversation flowed.


We didn’t stay out too late because we were both a bit tired and I was starting to cough from the cold air. Around 10-ish we made our way home again.

Saturday & Sunday


12 -13 August 2017


Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Now if you were to ask me about where my flu started, I would say it was from kissing my mom hello at the airport. If you were to ask mom about it, she would say I got it from going out at night. Regardless of whose version you believe, I got the flu and it was a nasty one.


Saturday morning I said goodbye to boyfriend at the Gautrain. Mom, Carmen and I had signed up for the TEFL course and we spent Saturday and Sunday at a hotel learning how to teach English to foreigners.


Overall it was a great course and we learned a lot – if only we didn’t have the flu to deal with too.

Monday – Wednesday


14 – 16 August 2017


Sick and tired


The rest of the week, until Thursday morning I stayed home to try get the best of the flu. The majority of the time I spent on the couch (napping) or in bed (sleeping). I also watched a movie here and there, but mostly coughed a lot.

Overall, the first half of the first week was great fun. I’ll fill you in on my second weekend soon.



Read about next week here:

Road-trips and Ruffians


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